How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Your Best Ally…

Hope all is going great for you and you are having a wonderful day.

Today, I am going to share with you something that happens to a lot of people.

I can tell that from the questions I receive.

Some people are determined and even anxious to get results.

They try real hard to get their subconscious mind and the law of attraction work for them.

Let me ask you something?

If you wanted to have a squirrel eat out of your hand, how would you do it? would you try hard? would you chase the squirrel?

You know that wouldn’t work…

You would try to tempt it patiently. The squirrel would have to “want” to eat out of your hand or it will not happen.

It’s the same with your subconscious mind. It needs to want to do something before it can do it.

You cannot force it. If you try to force it, it’ll become more evasive, like the squirrel.

The key is to tempt your subconscious mind with your desires, and before you know, it will be your best ally.

So when you are tired and frustrated, take a step back and relax. Never try to tough your way to your desire.

When it comes to programming your subconscious mind, the best is to be patient.

Wish you the best in all you do,
Dr Eric Amidi