How To Live Longer

learnI hope you are enjoying every day, and every moment brings you a new and fresh perspective.

But why is it important to experience new things everyday?

A lot of people have asked a similar question. A question whose answer can change your life.

*** Question ***

Why is it that when we were kids, years seem to last longer but adult years go by so fast?

Is there a way to change the pace of time and make the experiences last longer?

>>> My Comments

Wouldn’t be wonderful to make years go slowly, so we can cherish every moment? is it possible to slow down the passing of time?

But, to answer that I am going to ask you a question whose answer you know…

How To Talk To Yourself

affirmationsHope all is well with you and enjoying all the great things
that life has to offer.

Let me start this article with a question…

What’s the best way to phrase your desire?
The desire you would like to manifest in your life?

For example, if you would like to manifest wealth in your life how would you phrase it to reach your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and impress it as strongly as possible?

I know, perhaps you know by now that the BASIC approach is to ask your desire as if it’s already given…


As you are getting more advanced in MASTERING manifestations, I am going to share with you something that is more ADVANCED than this basic approach…